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You can not take it anymore...


  • Is fear keeping you from going forward with new choices so that you are not achieving your goals?

  • Do your thoughts cause anxiety, sleepless nights and overall discouragement in your life?

  • Are you afraid of people judging you?

  • Is it hard to recognize your limits and just say «no»?

  • Are you afraid to try new things out of your comfort zone?

  • Do you feel your life circumstances define you and keep you from making positive changes in your life?

  • Do you feel powerless and unable to take actions to improve your life?



  • Overcoming fears, feeling free, positive and energized...

  • Making new decisions, new choices based on who you really are...

  • Mastering limiting beliefs and become more open to possibilities...

  • Listening to yourself more so that you may recognize and affirm your own limits with others

  • Experiencing new things and realizing your dreams...


    Ready to make changes in your life but need the tools to do it?


Odyssey Karine Godin uses various tools to promote changes in a short period of time. The solution-oriented approach in helping relationships as well as in therapeutic hypnosis allows you to draw on your resources to increase your daily well-being and achieve your goals.


Do not hesitate to contact me to schedule a session.


Looking foward to meeting you!


About me...


I am passionate about human beings. I have worked all my life in the field of intervention. First as a counselor and then as a college professor to future counselers for 12 years.


I am curious by nature. I like to perfect my knowledge, improve the help techniques that I offer to people I have the pleasure to work with and I personally apply them in my daily life to improve my well-being.

I am systematic in my work. I have several tools to help you overcome your fears, modify the limiting beliefs that prevent you from making new decisions and choices.


I love travelling around the world. I am offering you a voyage within you to discover the resources within you and a presence to help you build the life you want.


After all, aren't the limits we have the one we create for ourselves?


Hope to meet you!


My trainings :


  • Specialized education

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences

  • Therapeutic hypnosis (EFPHQ)

  • Neuro linguistic Programming (PNL)

  • Professional Coaching

  • Solution-oriented approach

  • Massage therapy

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